Changing the way consumers view Real Estate

Home in Ocean Beach, Ca

Home in Ocean Beach, Ca

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is likely the most highly regarded professional association of members from multiple facets of the Real Estate business from all over the world.. At their recent International meeting in Seattle one of the panels included representatives of several high technology data providing companies that are on the internet with real estate information for consumers. It is very interesting to see their comments about how people get information when they are buying real estate and how they are changing the traditional model. Generally information from the ULI is highly regarded and respected

We already  that now over 90% of real estate buyers and sellers use internet resources to gather information during their buy or sell process. Buying a home is a huge decision for most people and it is clear that these high-tech data companies are fulfilling much of the need of Real Estate consumers. Of interest is conjecture of what additional data content will be rolling out  in the future for people buying and selling Real Estate. This is a good quick read and video


Panel Discussion at Urban Land Institute’s Spring Meeting

What do We want in our Homes?

Spring Time garden in Point Loma

Spring Time garden in Point Loma

Many of us in SoCal really enjoy IKEA for lots of reasons. Many times when I go to IKEA I wonder why no American company has successfully ventured into this business strategy of marketing and merchandising household furnishings. When I saw this report I think I understand better how they are focused on our American market and provide so many products that fit our “sweet spot”. Link to their study is below but here are some of the big preferences they found:

-How do we feel about out homes? 95% say place to relax, 94% say home is where they feel safe and secure, 78% say their home reflects their character, 50% say top priority for their home is that it be warm and welcoming

-65% say most time spent in living Room

-43% say fixing and eating meals together are favorite moments at home for family

-52% allow phone calls or texting during mealtime

-59% read a book in bedroom and 49% watch tv in bedrooms

-58% pet owners let their pet sleep in their bed some of the time

-86% have some kind of outdoor living space

-71% recycle at home







IKEA US Life at Home Report 2013